Promoting Excellence and Education in the English Equestrian Disciplines.


Are you wanting to try the "english stuff"? 2016 Memberships in the BHEA are FREE! But you MUST fill out the Membership form and mail it to Linda Rabe! Scroll down to the Membership Link on this page.

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BHEA will be having their annual planning meeting on Saturday, February 13th, 11 a.m. at

Eagles Ride Equine Center, 3463 Elk Creek Rd., Piedmont.

Potluck will be first followed by the meeting. We would love to have your input as far as what type

of shows / events people would like.

We will need volunteers for the shows! Hosting shows is quite a bit of work (and expense), Please consider volunteering.

For a show to run smoothly we need:

Secretary - usually for the day of the show, as "most" entries are taken prior to the show by whoever is holding the show.

Judge -

Scribe - to assist the judge

Runner - to take score sheets to the Secretary.

Gate person - to keep people getting in and out of the arenas, help hand out ribbons, ect.


  PRESIDENT Judi Joba 605-787-6657
Craig  Heckert



Linda Rabe


Patty Larson

A bit of history......

Way back in the 1970's an English riding club was established in the Black Hills area of Western South Dakota. The name of this club was the Black Hills Equestrian Association. For many years this club sponsored instructional clinics and shows. The club grew and prospered and eventually became mostly an Eventing club and for 11 years sponsored the Hart Ranch Horse Trials. Along the way a few members interested in strictly Dressage, split off and formed an exclusively Dressage club. The BHEA became inactive as there was no need for two English clubs. But our membership is now made up of a far more diverse group of English riders, many of whom felt the "Dressage Society" was a too restrictive and exclusive sounding name. So after a vote, the decision was made to go back to using the name Black Hills Equestrian Association. The club welcomes all English riders and anyone interested in English Riding. Please join us!


PLEASE help us make this a BETTER Club!



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